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2009 Research Reports

2009 Research Reports

Beef and Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Horses and Animal Products

December 2009
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Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station
Division of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources
Oklahoma State University



Effect of growing beef replacement heifers on wheat pasture before and during breeding on reproductive performance
M. H. Bryant, G. E. Selk, D. R. Stein, R. P. Wettemann, D. L. Lalman, G. W. Horn

Effects of temperature of consumed water on rumen temperature of beef cows
B. H. Boehmer, C. L. Bailey, E. C. Wright and R. P. Wettemann

Relationship between weight at puberty and mature weight in beef cattle
M.P. Davis and R.P. Wettemann


Comparison of tenderness, palatability, and retail caselife of enhanced cow subprimals to non-enhanced cow and USDA Select subprimals
A. J. Garmyn, M. N. Rose, G. G. Hilton, D. L. VanOverbeke, and J. B. Morgan

Effects of zilpaterol hydrochloride and zilpaterol hydrochloride withdrawal time on beef carcass cutability and tenderness
J. N. Shook, D. L. VanOverbeke, L. A. Kinman, C. R. Krehbiel, B. P. Holland, M. N. Streeter, D. A. Yates, and G. G. Hilton

Effects of zilpaterol hydrochloride on carcass cutability, tenderness, and sensory characteristics of calf-fed Holstein steers
J. N. Shook, D. L. VanOverbeke, A. J. Garmyn, J. L. Beckett, R. J. Delmore, D. A. Yates, D. M. Allen, and G. G. Hilton

The impact of post harvest interventions on the color stability and subsequently the palatability of beef from cattle fed wet distillers grains
S. K. Knobel, D. L. VanOverbeke, G. G. Hilton, J. B. Morgan


Effects of implant and type of supplement on growth performance of steers grazing summer pasture
C. P. McMurphy, E. D. Sharman, D. A. Cox, G. W. Horn, and D. L. Lalman

Effects of starch- versus fiber-based supplements during winter grazing on growth performance of stocker cattle and final carcass characteristics
E. D. Sharman, P. A. Lancaster, G. G. Hilton, C. R. Krehbiel, and G. W. Horn

Effects of starch versus fiber-based supplements on adipose tissue gene expression by stocker cattle grazing dormant native range
P. A. Lancaster, E. D. Sharman, G. W. Horn, C. R. Krehbiel, D. R. Stein, and U. DeSilva

Effects of stocker phase grazing system and stocker phase implanting on performance and carcass characteristics of fall born calves
C. P. McMurphy, G.L. Mourer, D.A. Williams, B. P. Holland, G. W. Horn, and D. L. Lalman


Effect of diet on rumen temperature during grain adaptation and finishing in individually fed calves
T. K. Dye-Rose, L. O. Burciaga-Robles, C. R. Krehbiel, and C. J. Richards

Zilpaterol hydrochloride impact on core body temperature, performance, and carcass characteristics in finishing beef steers
J. L. Wahrmund, B. P. Holland, C. R. Krehbiel, D. L. VanOverbeke, and C. J. Richards